Sign up as a volunteer collector for Hungerday

Benjamin Suomela
Collecting is easy and fun. You don´t need prior experience or special skills. Caring and a desire to help are enough.
Fotograf: Benjamin Suomela

The Hunger Day Box Collection 2019, will take place from Thursday to Saturday on the 26th - 28th of September. Can you join us?

You can choose which of the days you want to collect donations and collect for as long as you like. Even in an hour you can help a lot!
As a volunteer fundraiser you will help the most vulnerable people to get the help they need. Right now your help is needed for example by the children living in refugee camps in Syria. And the people who have lost their homes in a fire in Finland.     
Don´t hesitate and sign up already today.
By signing up the volunteer who will organize the collection in your neighborhood will know that you want to participate. And that way the volunteer can give you all the needed information on the practical issues of the collection. 

Join the team!

Kimmo Holopainen

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Jarkko Mikkonen

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