Two women standing side by side in a wintry landscape. The younger woman, wearing a Red Cross volunteer vest, is looking gently at the older woman.

As a volunteer, you can help

Photo: Kaisa Sirén / Suomen Punainen Risti

There is a wide range of volunteering options available, and as a Finnish Red Cross volunteer, you can help in a manner that suits you best – as frequently as you like.

Volunteering opportunities in English vary depending on location. You are a part of your local group of helpers and at the same time belong to our worldwide network. You promote humanity and defend the vulnerable.

Voluntary service is one of the main principles of our operations, and the entire Red Cross Movement is based on voluntary helping. The voluntary work of the Red Cross has helped people in Finland for over 140 years now.

Learn more about the different ways of helping in your area and join us in making a difference in your immediate environment. As a volunteer, you are a Red Cross hero. We are happy to have you with us!

What kind of a helper would you like to be?

Anyone can become a Red Cross volunteer friend for a lonely person. If you have the skill of listening and being present, you are a suitable volunteer friend candidate. No special skills are required.

Read more about friend volunteers 

Contact your local Red Cross for further information

In a first aid group, you can develop your skills and provide concrete aid, e.g. through first aid duty. Duties may require skills in Finnish or Swedish.
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As a member of an emergency team, you can support the authorities in emergency operations, e.g. by helping people who have lost their homes in a fire or someone who got lost in the forest. You can join the extensive network of helpers, the Voluntary Rescue Service. Duties may require skills in Finnish or Swedish.
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Good health is important to us all. As a volunteer, you can promote health and well-being e.g. at our Health Points, open to everyone, and at festivals or as a home safety coach. Duties may require skills in Finnish or Swedish.

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Red Cross volunteers can lead clubs and camps for children, organise events and instruct hobbies.

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You can also support young people at our Youth Shelters. 

Volunteer at a Youth Shelter

Are you the one to get things moving at a Red Cross volunteer branch? For example, you can help with communications of your local branch or become a member of the board. Duties may require Finnish skills.

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Our volunteer activities on humanitarian law aim to carry out one of the core tasks of the Red Cross – spreading information on the rules of war. These rules of war, i.e. agreements on international humanitarian law, aim to restrict the effects of armed conflicts.

Red Cross volunteer groups on humanitarian law operate across Finland organising lectures, introductory visits, events and training. You can become a member of the group or a trainer.

In the humanitarian law group, you can promote the rules of war and human rights by organising events and planning activities.

As a trainer, you can arrange different courses for the authorities and for anyone interested in the themes.

Finnish Red Cross volunteer IHL dissemination in Finland is mainly done in Finnish and Swedish, while some events and trainings may be in English. Hence, volunteering possibilities with only English fluency are limited and will vary from one place to another.

Sign up by sending an email to humanitaarinenoikeus(at)

Would you like to help immigrants and asylum seekers? As a volunteer, you can promote equality and build a diverse society.

The Red Cross volunteer activities are multicultural and welcome anyone who identifies with the Red Cross values. The activities bring together people with various kinds of backgrounds.

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In Finland, 800 volunteer blood donors are needed every weekday. Stem cell donors are also needed as lifesavers. Join us in helping patients receive a chance for a new and better life.

Become a blood donor

Join the stem cell register

As a Red Cross Youth Shelter volunteer, you can listen and help young people who are experiencing difficulties.

People of all ages are welcome to volunteer at our Youth Shelters. You do not need prior experience, as we will provide orientation to the task. At the Youth Shelter, you will be working together with professionals.

Our Youth Shelters support young people and their families in Espoo, Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Vantaa, and around the country online.

Volunteer at a Youth Shelter

Signing up as a box collector allows you to help victims of disasters in Finland and around the world. Collecting donations is not only important, but also fun and easy volunteer work.

Box collectors collect donations during emergency aid collections and campaigns. The funds collected by box collectors allow the Red Cross to help those in need quickly and efficiently.

Emergency aid collections are initiated in response to major disasters in Finland and around the world. These situations are often caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. The most important aid campaign is the annual Hunger Day collection organised in the autumn.

Join our box collector reserve and we will invite you to help with emergency aid collections and Hunger Day. Signing up as a box collector does not oblige you to do anything; you can always choose whether or not to participate based on your current situation.

Sign up to collect donations with us We will contact you when your help is needed. Welcome!

As a volunteer, you can provide concrete aid to people in difficult situations in life.

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Are you looking for hobbies for children or young people? Come get to know our volunteer activities, engage in hobbies and learn new skills!

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Volunteering for the Red Cross is an ideal way of increasing staff communality and the significance of your work, as well as making the world a better place.

Through aid work, you can communicate your values to your customers, interest groups and employees, and make a concrete change to the well-being of communities.

Contact the local Red Cross for further information:
yritykset(at), 020 701 2000.

Help children and residents of cold areas by knitting and sewing. There is always a need for children’s clothes, socks and mittens, for example!

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